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The switch from cot to bed is a big step for both parents and their baby. Choosing your baby’s first bed is an exciting moment in family life, but also a difficult experience. Parents, most of all, want their child to be safe, which is why a child’s independence sometimes takes a back seat. The Montessori bed ensures child’s safety and give the child independence.

How does a child learn about the world?

start from the floor

Do you want to understand how a child learns about the world around them? Just sit on the floor. It is from this perspective that your child sees everything.

learning the world

A small child, while walking, still learns about the world from a perspective close to the floor level.


first steps

First, they do it lying down, then leaning on their hands, crawling, and finally, they get up on their feet.

answer to needs

That is why a typical Montessori bed is placed low to the ground so that a small person can use it independently.

How a Montessori bed can teach your child independence

The motto of the creator of the method, Maria Montessori, was the phrase “Help me do it myself”. This method rejects classic children’s beds because they seriously limit the freedom and development of many skills in children. A child with a classic bed is dependent on adults. They are limited by rungs and other protections, and a bed that is too high poses a real danger. That is why the Montessori bed is designed to create a friendly space not only for sleeping, but also for playing and learning.


What does a Montessori bed look like?

A typical Montessori bed is low, suspended just above the floor. Such a lowering of the mattress makes all rungs and protections redundant, and a possible fall of the child is not harmful. So there are no unnecessary sides and the bed frame can be minimalist.



The bed plays a very important role in a child’s room. A toddler associates it with home, family, and family warmth. It is a kind of safe asylum where they should feel safe and where they can rest. This is the reason why a lot of Montessori beds are in the shape of a house. 

The low-placed bed not only calms parents, but also gives the child the opportunity to develop independence. The baby can crawl into his bed whenever he feels drowsy or when he wants to be alone. Various types of simple structures above the mattress can serve as a frame to which you can attach delicate lights or throw a piece of thin material imitating a canopy. All this makes the child love the Montessori bed and makes him happy to sleep in it at night.

The Montessori bed will help your child develop safely in accordance with the child’s nature. And we guarantee you will be amazed at how creative your child can be.

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