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Montessori Toys

Do you know any kindergartens that use Montessori teaching aids? These are absorbing toys that not only entertain but, above all, support the development of the child. Montessori toys are based on the principle that a child learns primarily while playing when the mind is relaxed and more receptive. They are designed in a way that makes a child happy to play independently, and at the same time learn important skills.

What is the main task of Montessori toys and teaching aids?


The creator of the method, Maria Montessori, argued that each child develops at his own pace, and it does it mainly by observing and exploring the world with all its senses.

learning the world

Learning through play is pleasant and effective.

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Montessori toys are practical tools that combine encouragement for independent play and great educational value.

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The child acquires new knowledge and skills much faster.

How do Montessori toys help a child learn?

Children’s activities in the first years of their lives depend on activeness and spontaneity. Toddlers are interested in everything, want to see everything, and try everything. However, activities that are extremely pleasant and revealing for children can give their parents sleepless nights. No wonder, after all, the environment of a toddler is full of dangers. Montessori toys remove this problem from parents and offer children the opportunity to discover the intricacies of the world safely.


What are the characteristics of Montessori toys?


There are three main tasks that Montessori toys are supposed to fulfill:

  • fun
  • learning
  • security.

We all get the best results in learning if we are keenly interested in something, and children are interested in almost everything. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of children’s desire to learn new things and wrap it in educational opportunities and protect against accidents that are a normal part of a child’s learning about the world.


Manipulation boards

Among the Montessori toys that deserve special recognition, you can find manipulative boards. They are a great alternative to regular toys. Such a board means many hours of great fun combined with education. Elements mounted on the board perfectly affect fine motor skills and the development of hands. 

In the Montessori boards, your child will discover elements that will arouse the child’s curiosity and stimulate creative thinking. For example, the child will have the opportunity to learn matching shapes, and locking things using a key properly. The selection of elements is wide and adapted to the age.

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